Ms Katrina Bridges – Accredited Nutritionist

Katrina Bridges is a University qualified Clinical-Nutritionist, (Bachelor Health Science Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine), and an accredited practitioner with the Australian Natural Therapists Association. She is passionate about the relationship between nutrition and your health and how to best nourish your body to optimise specific health goals, disease management and wellbeing.

With experience in private practice, she is particularly interested in gastrointestinal, microbiome health and chronic lifestyle diseases. Consultations can include in-depth nutritional analysis’, assessment of diet and lifestyle practices, and comprehensive functional microbiome testing to help identify and balance your unique gut health through dietary support to improve your overall health.

Katrina believes an integrative approach is essential for total wellbeing, and whilst passionate about the role of food and nutritional supplementation, will work alongside your other healthcare practitioners to best benefit you.

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