Dr Ajita Kanthan


Dr Ajita Kanthan (Ajita.Kanthan.com.au) is a pioneer in the use of radiation-free procedural techniques, having performed the first radiation-free trans-venous pacemaker implant in Australia.
He is currently the only cardiologist in the country performing this pacemaker technique on a regular basis.

The significance of radiation-free techniques is highlighted by the fact that traditional trans-venous device implant methods rely on the use of X-rays, with radiation doses that can reach up to the equivalent of about 500 chest X-rays.

Dr Kanthan also performed the first radiation-free cardiac ablations of both supra-ventricular and ventricular rhythm disorders in Sydney.
He is a national and international trainer on device implantation and radiation-free procedural techniques.

Dr Kanthan treats all forms of rhythm disorders including:
• Atrial fibrillation
• Supraventricular tachycardia
• Ventricular tachycardia
• Blackouts
• Palpitations

He also performs all types of device implants including:
• Loop recorders
• Leadless & traditional pacemakers
• Subcutaneous & traditional defibrillators
• Bi-Ventricular re-synchronisation devices.
Further information is available at: AjitaKanthan.com.au

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